Recent Deployments


Launch Team.
Location+ Data Acquisition and Monetization
We helped VenPath realize it's vision at product launch to become the world's largest consumer data marketplace acquiring and delivering billions of rows and terabytes of data while creating revenue for hundreds apps and in turn providing this privacy-compliant data to buyers.

This stealth deployment consisted of a focused 3-person BD launch team and additional lead-gen resource.

Launch Team.
Content Marketing & SEO
This is a from-concept deployment including pitch creation, team-building and compensation planning, vertical targeting and outreach, beta modeling and initial partner acquisition for launch and business model POC.

This deployment with a team of 3 blends both focused outbound energy with a blend of strategic marketing and lead gen.

Leatherstocking Trade Press

Launch Team. 
New Client Aquisition; Additional Revenue Components
This deployment focused most importantly on outbound energy and new client acquisition, but also added value with strategy for operations including fulfillment and accounting, guerrilla marketing and event hosting for targeted client networks. Initial launch included website deployment and social media marketing presence for lead gen. This relationship culminated with new partnership and business line generating additional revenue from a content marketing component.

Relationships can be private at your request; 
Team members can adopt titled roles if beneficial.