About Us

Avalanche Cannon is a team of aggressive business development lead-gen operators and resources capable of getting hands-on ASAP. The team is led by James M Pavoldi and assisted by Lamplighter Labs to thrive in every stage of intelligent and measurable hyper-growth and distribution strategy.

In addition to 'in the trenches tonight' capabilities, Avalanche Cannon can also manage aggressive timelines with a precise approach to the following:
  • Pitch Creation / Perfection
  • Demo Procedures, Tools and Tactics
  • Contract Authoring / TOS Publishing
  • Sales Engineering
  • Product Customization Deployment, Initial Support
  • Reporting and Forecasting
  • Marketing, Content Marketing & Publishing
  • Internal and Client-facing Reporting &Analytics 
  • Invoice / Accounting Support
We are eager to hear your story, your status, and your requirements.

Use the contact form HERE or reach out to Jim directly on LinkedIn.