Recent Deployments

Recent Business Development and 
Sales Leadership Deployments in 
SaaS, AdTech, MarTech, Data, Content, News 
and Video Syndication / Monetization, Live Streaming 


Global 2018-19
Avalanche Cannon [Role of Chief Revenue Officer]
SaaS, MarTech Business Intelligence, Data Syndication
Joined founder to aggressively acquire clients and monetize MarTech stack intelligence from 750k email senders.
Created a niche research influencer, “The Content Scientist” and developed a C-Suite audience of key MarTech DM’s
Became the “Deep Account Intelligence” component of Oracle’s Sales Leadership QBR 2019
Created engagement with key global prospects various tiers - Global Leaders / Enterprise, SME, Niche & Disruptors
Engendered meaningful Business Development relationships for PR, Marketing, and Affiliate / Referral activity


Global 2015-2018
Avalanche Cannon [Role of Launch Team Partner, Role of VP Business Development]
Data-as-a-Service; Data Acquisition & Monetization

Joined founder to launch and build VenPath as the world's largest consumer (app) data marketplace. 
Launched POC with a massive data win from geo-centric apps, grew a vertical strategy including comm apps 
Sourced, reached, and closed the first and largest of the premium ‘big data’ suppliers.  
Acquired terabytes of anonymous app data for strategic use (sale) in ad-tech and finance 
Materially impacted value and proved the model with revenue dedicating only 3 hours per day, 4 days per week

New York Apr 2006-Aug 2017
Launch Team [Role of SVP, Business Development & Distribution]
SaaS, Video Capture / Editing / Distribution; Live Streaming & Broadcaster Services
Joined the founder to build / launch / grow 3 pioneering video businesses on a broadcast capture infrastructure 
Developed numerous end-to-end solutions products to capture, monetize, and distribute video content online
Created relationships with thousands of corporations, publishers, broadcasters, newspapers, media organizations 
Absorbed role of VP Ad Operations, Product Owner and Project Manager for all Ad Servers / Ad Serving
Spearheaded project of ‘Syndicaster as an OVP and AdServer’ to over 180 broadcasters, doubling contract values
Launched “Syndicaster” to over 700 broadcasters and publishers as an end-to-end video platform
Launched “Clip Bureau” as a global editorial team for broadcast VOD for 2 TV station groups and Bloomberg (Cable)
Absorbed roles of Sales Engineer and VP Support for API, Reporting, OVP and AdServer / Monetization
Responsible for new revenue and retention for Video Player(s), Ad-Server(s), global Video Ad Operations & Reporting
Dedicated tremendous effort to OTT, Live Streaming, and Monetization for live broadcast news streams

New York, Apr 2006-Aug 2017
Launch Team [Role of SVP, Business Development & Distribution]
SaaS, AdTech, Video Syndication,
Launched “ClipSyndicate” to over 30,000 publishers with millions of monetized vertical video views
Cornered niche publishing markets to create demand, then sold the first $50 CPM ads against that inventory
Launched a Premium syndication model to F500 and ‘sensitive’ content marketing publishers at ‘$1000’ CPM’s
Deployed an “Inventory Sharing” model to minimize fraud and deepen distribution relationships 
Built and Launched “NewsStand” as 700+ curated and automated video products with an ad-matched taxonomy 
Drove the creation, documentation, deployment, and use of Video Search and Reporting API’s
Became singular authority for revenue reporting, revenue sharing, and premium analytics
Concept-to-contract PM for professional services sales to enterprise clients like LoJack, AllState, Goodyear
Absorbed role of VP Content Acquisition & Content Partner Management including all operations and accounting
Absorbed role of VP Advertising, owning programmatic, network & ad sales, and direct relationships

New York 2004-2005
Avalanche Cannon [Role of Launch Team Partner, VP Sales]
SaaS, Largest Real-time Television Search & Broadcast Monitoring Platform
Joined the founder to build the most comprehensive real-time TV search and broadcast  monitoring service 
Focused on brand and reputation managers in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies
Owned sales effort, personnel planning, product development, forecasting
.Integral to a 2MM series A funding closed in October 2004. 
Conceptualized “Broadcast Intelligence” as a needed tool for governments to organic landscapers
Became the largest real-time television monitoring platform utilized by more than 25% of the Fortune 100 


New York 1997-2002
Avalance Cannon Launch Team [Role of VP Sales, Global Accounts]
NASDAQ:SCRM, FKA “Interactive Connection” 
AKA Pinnacor NASDAQ:PCOR; AKA CBS MarketWatch, Dow Jones
SaaS, Largest Text News Syndication Platform. 
Joined the founders as #8 to build the world’s largest text news syndication platform leading to an IPO in August, 2000
Defined and changed how the web publishers interact with syndicated news content and publishing tools
Quickly doubled client base and closed the largest deal since launch at 7x the model ‘average’
Proposed the “Jay Chiathalon” PR stunt with Jay Chiat, resulting in full page New York Times coverage
Managed hyper-growth from 10 to 300+ employees, driving from 17 beta clients to thousands
Engendered intense hypergrowth, sales team building and management, and global new business development 
Built a global team of sales leaders in 6 countries with regional VP’s and managers in 8 verticals
Oversaw horizontal roles ranging from lead gen, sales engineering, direct, management, mobile, and enterprise
Trained managers on high-stakes forecasting with the proprietary CRM “Sales Manager” platform that I helped design
Won national media coverage for the “Sales Rush” talent acquisition ‘parties’
Responsible for the most visible F1000 and valuable global / enterprise clients
Closed the largest deal in company history as a JV with 6 major radio station groups
Managed increased scrutiny with pre and post-IPO forecasting from my multiple team leaders and directors
Successfully proposed, discovered, and closed the first fruitful reseller agreements 
Created a model for co-branded resellers resulting in a deals with CV’s of $600k+ (vs avg $14.4k)
Created a ‘network’ model to close the largest licensing deal in the company’s history
Created a ‘framed’ content model and closed deals for 100’s of TV Station websites
Managed complex comp plan changes, sensitive  terminations, commission calculations, and expenses
Created and launched the ‘NewsStand’ curated content product in 8 verticals with managed editorial
Created incentives and campaigns to minimize churn and collect unrecognized client revenue
Maintained team cohesion through name changes, M&A, executive flux, re-orgs & Sept. 11th


Kraken Robotics

Digital Asset Management; Content Marketing and Marketing "Portal" Creation.

Launch Team.
Content Marketing & SEO

Upstate Distilling

Content Marketing, Social Media, Event Production

Saratoga Letterpress

Launch Team. 
New Client Acquisition; Revenue

Relationships can be private at your request; 
Team members can adopt titled roles if beneficial.